Trusted Love and Protection

Thursday, October 01, 2020 03:18am

“Only two things can save us in such a grave hour: devotion to Mary and frequent Communion.”

— St John Bosco

Greetings to dearest Sisters in Christ! The Church dons full regalia in October.  There are treasures and a rosary in every pocket! The liturgical calendar is overflowing with Feast days and in this month mother Church reminds us to turn toward Our Lady of the Rosary and pray as she repeatedly prompts us. Our Lady also reminds us to make frequent and good Holy Communions.

Recently my husband and I reminisced about a scene in our early family years.  The four of us were being seated in a restaurant.  My husband and I chose seats opposite one another at the round table.  Our son hopped in a vacant chair, looked across at his older sister with a big grin, and announced, “I get to sit between mom and dad!”  In a millisecond something else dawned on him, “Oh,” he mumbled in a whisper, “you get to sit between mom and dad too!”  The truth of the matter is – security and joy are fittingly found near those who love and will protect.

Italian priest, St John Bosco, had vivid dreams from childhood onward, which helped guide his life and proved to be prophetically accurate.  One of his more remarkable mystical dreams was in the Spring of 1862. He had a vision of the near-term future of his beloved Catholic Church.  Following are excerpts from Forty Dreams of St John Bosco, compiled and edited by Fr J Bacchiarello, SDB:

“Try to picture yourselves with me on the seashore, or, better still, on an outlying cliff with no other land in sight. The vast expanse of water is covered with a formidable array of ships in battle formation, prows fitted with sharp spear-like beaks capable of breaking through any defense. All are heavily armed with cannons, incendiary bombs, and firearms of all sorts — even books — and are heading toward one stately ship, mightier than them all. As they try to close in, they try to ram it, set it afire, and cripple it as much as possible.

This stately vessel is shielded by a flotilla escort. Winds and waves are with the enemy. In this midst of this endless sea, two solid columns, a short distance apart, soar high into the sky: one is surmounted by a statue of the Immaculate Virgin at whose feet a large inscription reads: Help of Christians; the other, far loftier and sturdier, supports a [Communion] Host of proportionate size and bears beneath it the inscription Salvation of believers. …

The entire enemy fleet closes in to intercept and sink the flagship at all costs. They bombard it with everything they have: books and pamphlets, incendiary bombs, firearms, cannons. The battle rages ever more furious. Beaked prows ram the flagship again and again, but to no avail, as, unscathed and undaunted, it keeps on its course. At times a formidable ram splinters a gaping hole into its hull, but, immediately, a breeze from the two columns instantly seals the gash. …

Very grave trials await the Church. What we have suffered so far is almost nothing compared to what is going to happen. The enemies of the Church are symbolized by the ships which strive their utmost to sink the flagship. Only two things can save us in such a grave hour: devotion to Mary and frequent Communion. Let us do our very best to use these two means and have others use them everywhere.”

Through the grace and strength of the Holy Eucharist and the assured intercession of Our Lady, the Church has and will withstand raging squalls and assaults of every type.  “Trust things to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament and Mary, Help of Christians,” encourages St John Bosco, “and you will see what miracles are.”

From its inception, the Apostolate has held in its simple mission of beseeching sanctity for all bishops and priests, the encouragement of staying close to both the Eucharist and the Madonna.  It is built in! Our weekly prayer is ideally as near as can be to the Blessed Sacrament. (While in the current pandemic milieu this is not possible for all right now, but please keep fidelity to prayer, even in your domestic oratories.  Return to the Chapels and Tabernacles when you are able).  Within that offered Hour we intentionally seek prayer for the recipient bishop/priest for a greater devotion to Mary.  Don Bosco is worth repeating: “these two things… can save us in such a grave hour.”

As Divine economy would have it, over and again, Seven Sisters tell me they too are growing in knowledge and love of both our Eucharistic Lord and Our Lady. As Seven Sisters we come to trust a growing inner fortification and peace of being near the Blessed Sacrament and Mary.  When we experience a hiatus from one or both we develop a longing that goes unsatisfied until remedied!  Like my son’s epiphany, like St John Bosco’s detailed dream… we desire to be harbored safely (or at least seeking this sweet spot) between trusted Love and Protection.  Please keep fidelity to your Hour.  “Where humble obedience reigns, grace will triumph” (St John Bosco).

United in prayer and mission…that our prayers may find the heart of every bishop and priest…

… eternal gratitude continues as you each remember to offer a wee Hail Mary for me every day….  “One Ave Maria makes hell tremble” (St John Vianney). Pray that I will not ‘spoil the beautiful work that God has entrusted…’  (St Teresa of Calcutta)

… your kind emails and notes and phone calls and generous support always arrive to my heart door at the right moment! Your financial sacrifices are for 100% furtherance of Apostolate.  THANK YOU!  The letters of testimony are so beautiful and edifying! What glory is given to God through your writing! Eternal gratitude is mine for YOU! Be assured of my continued daily prayers for you at the altar.


Let us TOGETHER continue to prepare a Birthday gift for Our Lord: 2020 active groups by 12/25/20

Prayer will make things clear as to who, when, where and how to encourage new groups!