The Anchoress


One of the Seven Sisters is designated as the coordinator and guide for the group and lovingly referred to as the Anchoress.



In the Middle Ages, the term “Anchoress” denoted someone who withdrew from secular society to lead an intensely prayer-oriented, ascetic, and Eucharist-focused life.  The Anchoress would often take up residence in a room next to a church and literally live her entire life in that one cell.



While the Anchoress of the Seven Sisters is not called to such an austere life, the title holds some fitting sentiment. This prayer-oriented Seven Sister will thoroughly embrace the mission of the Apostolate. Recommended service in the role of Anchoress is for two years with the option to continue.


The Anchoress will be responsible for (1) contacting the priest, both explaining the Apostolate’s gift of prayer to him (see sample letter) and relaying to the group any particular intentions he might request, (2) praying for fidelity to commitments of the group members, (3) ensuring that the endeavors of the Seven Sisters group remain proper to the mission, (4) fielding questions, (5) helping secure substitutes for the Holy Hour when a member cannot obtain her own, (6) forwarding monthly messages from the Seven Sisters General Coordinator.


Communications with the Priest

The Anchoress should allow the priest to initiate most contact and be content even if such communication is rare. If the need ever occurs to inform the group about confidential prayer requests from the priest, the Anchoress should refrain from email or text messages. Instead, she should convey these intentions in person or by telephone but not by voice mail. The members should be admonished to keep these intentions strictly confidential.