Group Speaker

Madonna of the Grapes

This image and title of Our Lady is indicative of how intimately she holds not only Jesus, but those chosen in persona Christi—his priests—close to her heart, ever encouraging the centrality of the Eucharistic life. Here she simply and quietly offers the grapes to which Jesus clings.  Though Our Lady holds Jesus securely, she does so tenderly and lightly, for he belongs not to her alone but to the whole world. Jesus glances from beneath the security of her veil; how close is Mary to His veiled Eucharistic presence! The window in the background gives a glimpse of hazy skies—perhaps a world that needs the fullness of light offered in the Eucharist.  The gaze of Jesus is deliberately on us.  Mary maintains a posture of humility, peace, and contemplation—all hallmarks of the life of a Seven Sister.

Let us remain faithful in our tender and hidden prayer offerings in the Eucharistic Presence, holding our priests close to our hearts—but loosely so, for they are not exclusively ours. Rather, they are ours to support as their sisters and ours to bring to Mary their Mother.

Madonna of the Grapes, pray for us and guide us in our prayers!

Saint John Vianney Feast Day August 4th

Saint John Vianney (8 May, 1786 – 4 August, 1859) was a French priest who is venerated as the patron saint of all priests. He is often referred to as the Curé d’Ars. He became internationally known for the abundant spiritual fruitfulness of his pastoral work. This is attributed to his radical life of prayer and mortification, zealous ministry in the confessional, and ardent devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Through constant teaching and preaching he reversed the destruction of Catholic life in his village wrought by the French Revolution. He was humble and gracious with his brother priests even when he was misunderstood and mocked by them. He desired to run away to a monastery but faithfully spent himself serving his flock to the end.

Let us seek to nurture a friendship with Saint John Vianney. He will guide us in prayers for our priests and remind us to pray for the deepening devotion of our priests to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Saint John Vianney, pray for us and guide us in our prayers!