Janette Howe, Foundress and Coordinator Saint Paul, MN

If you have a general inquiry regarding the Seven Sisters Apostolate that was not answered on our FAQs page, please contact us using the following form:

If you would to add someone to this list, please fill-up the following form:

If you feel called to begin a new Seven Sisters group, you must contact us for approval before your group can officially be recognized as part of the Seven Sisters Apostolate. We recommend that a woman is an anchoress for only one group. Use the following form to get the approval process started for a new group or to report a change in anchoress. If the priest in the position is changing, to use the Change in Priest form.

To register for a Brothers Fasting Group complete this form:

Email Diocesan Coordinator

Some Seven Sisters serve as coordinators within their diocesan area. They have an up-to-date roster of existing groups and Anchoresses in the diocese.  They serve as excellent local resources for the Apostolate.  Feel free to contact them for questions or to inquire about existing groups or a desire to start a group in the diocese. They are also likely aware of informationals and Seven Sisters retreats in the area, as well.