Holy Week

Greetings dearest Sisters as we together anticipate the Holiest of weeks of our Christian faith ...

A few words of guidance regarding our prayer for our bishops/priests in this special week...

From the beginning our Spiritual Director, Fr Joseph Johnson, has encouraged us to remain faithful to our committed day of prayer during Holy Week.  Realizing that on some of those days , Adoration Chapels will not be open, he suggests that we nonetheless keep the discipline of offering one hour of prayer for the bishop/priest on the day we have committed to pray. This may in part be the offering of a Service that you attend in your parish and/or coupled with quiet prayer (incl works, joys and sufferings) in your domestic church - home!  The extra planning and efforts to make this a reality are certainly part of the offering for that priest, as well.  God's economy and generosity is marvelous indeed, without measure!

Father Johnson reminds that during Holy Week the priest is in "particular need" of our prayers and sacrifices - as not only do their schedules demand much, but as Alter Christus they walk this week with a uniquely deep sense and experience of their identity with Christ.  They are called to profoundly walk in this Way with Christ. This truth beckons our every prayer!  We might do well to imagine ourselves with the hearts of Scripture's holy women/companions of Christ ... steadfastly walking the Way in prayerful silence.

Let us remain faithful to our commitments - and allow the Holy Spirit to guide the unique offering that will be made for each priest/bishop during Holy Week.  Let us continue to faithfully ask for graces for his sanctification and a lived and deepened relationship with Mary.

Worth noting:  Today's Gospel (Monday of Holy Week) is our Gospel, dear sisters!  Take time to meditate.  Mary at Bethany is the ever-present stalwart example to us of the soul in love with God, the soul who lavishes all for her Lord.  While this complete consecration is deemed 'wasteful' to some, Mary is nonetheless impelled to action out of the fullness of her heart - without hesitation.  She knows what she is about.   And you do too!

Like Mary of Bethany, continue to pour out yourself in love... oh, happy emptying!

United in prayer and mission -
that our prayers may find the hearts of every Bishop and priest..